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At RV imports we will not only go the extra mile we will go an extra 10,000 miles to ensure you are completely satisfied with us and your new Motorhome.

RV imports is all about getting you the best new or used American Motorhome or RV using a number a suppliers that we have allowing us to choose from 5,000 + Motorhomes, RV’s, Fifth Wheel etc. at any one time.

Once we have your spec and budget for your Motorhome / RV we do the rest.

We only keep a small number of Motorhomes and RV’s in stock as each customer has different requirements. Layouts and types of Motorhome and RV is endless and should be taken very seriously. We have no pushy salesmen that tell you they have one on their forecourt that’s just right, because we all know from experience that it’s either not the spec you requested or it’s too dear.

At RV imports we believe that buying a Motorhome or RV is one of the most important purchases you will have to make.

All Motorhomes and RV’s purchased from RV imports come with fully converted electrics from 110v to 240v. Depending on what you plan to do with your Motorhome or RV determines how we convert. Many of our customers are retired couples who want an American Motorhome to travel Europe etc. RV imports will carry out a different conversion for this use. Motorsport is another area RV imports supply a large amount of Motorhomes, this is also a different conversion. The list is endless and so are the types of Motorhome / RV, that is why we prefer to gather as much information from you, the customer, as possible.

Later in 2006 we will be offering Motorhomes and RV’s for hire, so for anyone unsure you can try before you buy.